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New song - Rainy Rainy

2018-01-28 12:30:57 by DrawnMario



Make Acid - Wish

2017-05-30 02:38:45 by DrawnMario


New song: You

2016-03-25 21:18:48 by DrawnMario


First song of the year: Yes

2016-01-17 18:57:23 by DrawnMario

It's been a while but i'm finally releasing new music

I have more in store since I aim to make this year more active.


Make Acid - Cool Bubble

2015-10-24 20:22:22 by DrawnMario


New EP

2015-07-05 17:16:47 by DrawnMario

you can also find it in high quality in spotify and bandcamp check links on video desciption so i don't turn this news entry into a link fuckfest

seyaa soon 

New song - Power Bomb

2014-08-04 18:24:51 by DrawnMario

here is my latest song

also i'm going to try to upload more stuff here not only music related also maybe art


new house song on youtube

2013-09-13 23:03:18 by DrawnMario

New Drum & Bass song

2013-08-20 18:24:02 by DrawnMario

I hope you enjoy the video